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Susan & Michael Jacobs of Bucyrus, Ohio

ActiveYards Certified Pro – Great Lakes Fence
Product - Dogwood

"We feel like we can sit in our backyard and relax again"
"The fence blends in beautifully with the landscape and adds style and doesn't take away"

Susan & Michael Jacobs

Jennifer and Ty Ross

ActiveYards Certified Pro – All Type Fence
Product - Chestnut Scalloped

“We researched fence companies online prior to picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment with ActiveYards. We have a corner lot on a busy street and needed to let our dogs out with no worry. We would highly recommend both ActiveYards and ActiveYards fencing products to anyone and we also think that this style fence adds curb appeal and value to our house.”

Jennifer and Ty Ross

Jolynn Churchill

ActiveYards Certified Pro – All Type Fence
Product - Dogwood

“I rescue retriever dogs and needed a new fence because my dogs would bark at all the people walking by and it was becoming a problem with my neighbors. My splitrail with wire was not solving my need for privacy. My landscaper suggested the ActiveYards dealer All Type Fence. I went to research ActiveYards fencing online and visited the showroom at All Type to see the product because I wanted a color other than white. The installation was great and the ActiveYard fence has withstood many storms.”


ActiveYards Certified Pro – Bear Creek Fencing, UT

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Check of Independence, OH

ActiveYards Certified Pro - Great Lakes Fence
Product - Arrowwood

"Our fence was installed as a warranty replacement through insurance and needed privacy as we live on a busy intersection. We didn’t care for the fence that was initially installed so this gave us an opportunity to shop for something we really would like and that would not need replaced again. ActiveYards dealer Great Lakes was able to help them with their decision and selected the Cypress Dogwood panel by ActiveYards. We have had several people stop and inquire about the fence and we would definitely recommend Great Lakes and ActiveYards fencing systems."

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Check

Eugene Rayburn

Eugene Rayburn – Addison, IL

ActiveYards Certified Pro - Peerless Fence
Product - Mulberry

"I am very happy with the finished product. The ActiveYards fencing looks tremendous. I previously had wood fence and I wanted to replace it with a no maintenance product & this was the right decision."