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This is where the fun starts. Just like everything else in the 21st century, shopping for ActiveYards Fence System is a little different than how our parents bought their fences. In the old days, you would just ask a contractor to provide an "estimate" for a fence (that would rust or rot). There was no shopping, limited options, and no warranty to speak of, he would simply point to your neighbors fence and give you a price.

ActiveYards has so much to offer and to choose from, we strongly recommend that you shop first, then make your selection, and finally arrange for installation. This will assure that you get the very best fence system for less cost and more value.

ActiveYards offers 3 efficient and informative ways to shop for your new fence system or solution. Choose the path that best suits you and your schedule.

3 ways to shop for fences

Shop Online

If you find it most convenient to shop online, simply visit Fence Center, our Authorized Online Dealer, and follow the easy steps to purchasing your ActiveYards system or Dial-A-Pro for FREE professional support on your project: 1 (888) 336-2358.


Visit your Local ActiveYards® Showroom

If you want to see and feel all of your options live, visit your local ActiveYards showroom and work with our knowledgeable, certified pros to help guide you in choosing your fencing system.

At Home Fence Consultation

At Home Consultation

Free at home consultation
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Finally, you can choose the traditional route where we come to you for a full service at home consultation, in which we will measure, suggest and guide you through the solution process in the comfort of your own home. ActiveYards certifi ed pros have been individually qualified based on their reputation, longevity and experience in the fencing industry. At ActiveYards, we are committed to making your shopping experience as simple and hassle-free as possible, from beginning to end.

Download the infographic on how to buy the perfect fence.