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Increases security and functionality and completes the look and safety of gates

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Gate Hinges

Light Duty
Gate Hinge

Compact Butterfly Hinge

Butterfly Hinge

Heavy Duty
Butterfly Hinge

Standard Wrap Hinge

Heavy Duty Contemporary Wrap Hinge

Heavy Duty Modern Wrap Hinge

Standard Center Mount Hinge

Heavy Duty Center Mount Hinge

Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

Standard Strap Hinge

Gate Latches

Decorative Latch

GardDog Locking™ Latch

GardDog Locking™ Gravity Latch

GardDog Locking™ Handle

Flip Latch

Slide Latch

Gravity Latch

Heavy Duty Contemporary Gate Latch

Magna Latch®
Top Pull

Heavy Duty Latch

Magna Latch®
Vertical Pull

Gate Drop Rods

Standard Duty Drop Rod

Drop Rod

24" Heavy Duty Drop Rod

Gate Accessories

Gate Stop

Gate Handle

Gate Pockets

Gate Brace Plugs

3/16 Rivets

Boerboelâ„¢ Gate Solutions

Boerboel® Gate Solutions
Like the loyal guard dog that bears our name, Boerboel Gate Systems are solid and dependable. Whether its safety, security or convenience you need, Boerboel is the perfect companion to complete your gate. Boerboel is always on guard with gate hardware solutions that are simple to install and use no matter the application. Boerboel offers a vast array of gate solution products all backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Solid. Simple. Secure.

BOERBOEL - Gate Solutions