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Next Generation Fencing Solutions From ActiveYards

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The final piece of the puzzle to complete your low maintenance home!

ActiveYards is the premier manufacturer of high quality fencing systems. We are a true U.S. manufacturing operation in that our systems start from raw materials, we fabricate to a specification, and then we ship to our exclusive Dealer Partners who will deliver to you. If you have seen our systems in your neighborhood, you would probably refer to them as "black" and "white" fences, but now you have name for them: ActiveYards.

As a division of Barrette Outdoor Living, we enjoy the advantage of being among the largest consumer fence manufacturers in the world. These competitive advantages include the best people, technology, cost, support, warranty, and distribution system in the industry.

Why Choose ActiveYards Fencing Systems?

21st Century home exteriors are virtually maintenance free. Why shouldn't your fence be an extension of this lifetime low maintenance revolution? ActiveYards Fencing Systems not only perform a function and offer a solution, but they are also beautiful and unobtrusive home improvements.

Choose from hundreds of design, height, material, and
color combinations.

We believe you should do it once and do it right. We also believe that consumers deserve to have a chance to shop for a fence which is why we put an emphasis on the product selection process. With ActiveYards, we want you to know that the cost of the actual installation is virtually the same regardless of the fence type you choose. We encourage you to focus on the fence solution first.

ActiveYards Fence Ingenuities

Financing with ActiveYards

We know that you have plenty of options when it comes to fencing solutions for your home. That's why ActiveYards® is committed to providing innovative technologies and smarter designs that set us apart from our competitors, offering you real value at an affordable cost.

ActiveYards® understands that every homeowner has their own unique financial strains and burdens. That's why we are committed to working with you on your next fencing project to ensure you're receiving the lowest costs with the greatest options.

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Now available through Synchrony Financial, ActiveYards® is pleased to offer helpful financing options and solutions. Synchrony Financial is extremely accommodating with extensive benefits, including a low interest rate that is competitive with several major credit cards. Additionally, Synchrony Financial offers low minimum monthly payments, making your next fencing project more affordable from the very start.

You will also be able to make future home improvements hassle-free with an open line of credit, as Synchrony Financial will approve the line of credit amount for which customers qualify (subject to credit availability). Furthermore, Synchrony Financial's program benefits include no equity requirement. After completing a short and simple application, you can have your new ActiveYards® fence installed in no time.

ActiveYards® is committed to offering fencing solutions that give our customers peace of mind. Feel confident with industry leading durability backed by our Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please contact us to obtain more information on Synchrony Financial's Financing and to learn how you could benefit most from this program.