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Gates, Accessories & Hardware

Post Tops

• Complements the fence’s appearance
• Creates a unique, decorative look
• Aluminum post topse
• Vinyl post tops
• Cape may available colors






New England







Accessories & Hardware

• Innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs
• Ease of installation

Trim Cap

Post Insert

Surface Mount

Finial Top

Quad Finial Top

Butterfly Scrolls

Circles 6' Kit

Circles 8' Kit

Wall Mount Bracket
Haven Series

Angle Bracket
Haven Series

Wall Mount Bracket
Home Series

Angle Bracket
Home Series

Touch-Up Paint

Screw Pack


Privacy Gates

Privacy gates offer seclusion while still allowing accessibility. Available in 4’ walk gates and 5’ drive gates to match each privacy fence style.

NEW stronger gate for Dogwood & Arrowwood!

Featuring a .5" wall thickness and 2¾" x 4¾" gate uprights and also includes self-closing hinges with 3-way adjustability.

Vinyl Privacy and Picket Fence Gates

Privacy gates are built with GlideLock® gate uprights to ensure a tight lock for all boards to rails and gate uprights.

ActiveYards® Home and Haven privacy fencing features GlideLock®. Unlike traditional fences, GlideLock boards lock fi rmly together for a tighter, gap-free fi t. The result is perfectly peaceful seclusion that will last a lifetime.

Gate Heights

Gates are available to match all panel styles, sizes and heights but we also offer the opportunity to make your gate stand out with straight or arched gates. (scalloped also available in select styles)

Drive Gates (and Double Drive Gates)

Drive gates can be created with single arched gates (two gate leaves per sku), estate arched gates (two gate leaves per sku) and using two straight walk or drive gates (one gate leaf per sku).

Straight Double Drive Gate
Single Arched Drive Gate Estate Arched Drive Gate

Larger Gates

Gates are available from 3' wide to 12' wide depending on style and series.

Additional Hardware

Additional heavy-duty hinges and pool safe latches are available to increase the security and functionality of your gate.

Gate Accessories & Hardware

• Increases security and functionality
• Completes the look and safety of gates

Light Duty
Gate Hinge

Compact Butterfly Hinge

Butterfly Hinge

Heavy Duty
Butterfly Hinge

Heavy Duty Contemporary Gate Hinge

Heavy Duty Modern Gate Hinge

Gate Latch

Gate Handle

Gate Pockets

Gate Brace Hole Plugs

3/16 Rivets

Standard Duty Drop Rod

Drop Rod

24" Heavy Duty Drop Rod

Lokk® Latch

Heavy Duty Latch

Gravity Latch

Magna Latch®
Vertical Pull

Magna Latch®
Top Pull

Gate Stop

Boerboel™ Gate Solutions

Boerboel® Gate Solutions
Like the loyal guard dog that bears our name, Boerboel Gate Systems are solid and dependable. Whether its safety, security or convenience you need, Boerboel is the perfect companion to complete your gate. Boerboel is always on guard with gate hardware solutions that are simple to install and use no matter the application. Boerboel offers a vast array of gate solution products all backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Solid. Simple. Secure.

BOERBOEL - Gate Solutions